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What was the primary reason for the decline of the barter system?

"Lack of a common language for trading"

"The invention of paper money"

"Issues with scalability and divisibility"

"The rise of powerful empires that controlled trade routes"

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What is the key factor that determines the value of one currency against another in the current market-driven system?

"The amount of gold reserves a country holds"

"The political and economic conditions of the respective countries"

"The fixed exchange rates set by international organizations"

"The trading volume of the currency pair"

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Why is the Forex market considered highly liquid?

"It is regulated by a central global entity"

"It operates 24 hours a day, six days a week"

"All transactions are conducted in US dollars"

"It primarily involves large institutional investors"

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In the currency pair USD/INR = 67, what does '67' represent?

"The exchange rate of USD to INR"

"The interest rate differential between USD and INR"

"The amount of INR required to buy 1 USD"

"The volatility of the USD/INR pair"

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Which of the following is NOT a participant in the Forex market?

"Central Banks"


"Stock Exchanges"