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What is the primary characteristic of a multi-cap fund?

"Investment in stocks with a specific market capitalization"

"Investment solely in large-cap stocks"

"Flexibility to invest in stocks across all market capitalizations"

"Restriction to a maximum of 30 stocks in the portfolio"

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What is the key factor influencing the performance of a multi-cap fund?

"The fund's expense ratio"

"The prevailing interest rates"

"The fund manager's stock selection and allocation decisions"

"The performance of the bond market"

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What distinguishes a focused fund from other equity mutual funds?

"Investment in high-dividend-yielding stocks"

"A portfolio limited to a maximum of 30 stocks"

"Tax exemption benefits under Section 80C"

"A focus on companies with a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) record"

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What is a common misconception about dividend yield funds?

"They are obligated to pay regular dividends to investors"

"They primarily invest in growth stocks"

"They are only suitable for experienced investors"

"They are highly volatile investments"

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What is a key feature of ELSS funds?

"They offer guaranteed returns"

"They have a mandatory lock-in period of 3 years"

"They are primarily invested in debt instruments"

"They are not subject to market risks"