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What is the fee charged by mutual funds for their services called?

"Total Expense Ratio (TER)"

"Management Expense Ratio (MER)"

"Annual Fund Fee (AFF)"

"Investment Service Charge (ISC)"

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How frequently is the Total Expense Ratio (TER) charged to mutual fund investors?




"At the time of investment only"

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Which of the following plans generally has a lower TER?

"Regular Plan"

"Direct Plan"

"Premium Plan"

"Standard Plan"

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What does NAV stand for in the context of mutual funds?

"Net Asset Price"

"Net Asset Value"

"Nominal Asset Value"

"Notional Asset Price"

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Why is the NAV of a direct plan mutual fund typically higher than that of a regular plan for the same fund?

"Direct plans invest in higher-growth assets"

"Regular plans have higher marketing and distribution costs"

"Direct plans have a longer investment horizon"

"Regular plans are subject to higher taxes"