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What is the primary characteristic of fixed income securities?

Guaranteed returns on investments

High volatility and market risk

Unlimited potential for growth

Investment in tangible assets

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Which type of investor typically favors fixed income securities?

Risk-averse investors seeking stable returns

High-risk investors seeking maximum profits

Investors focused on short-term gains

Investors primarily interested in technology startups

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What is a key advantage of debt mutual funds?

Higher returns compared to standard savings schemes

Exposure to high-growth technology companies

Direct ownership of real estate assets

Unlimited potential for capital appreciation

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What is a defining feature of money market instruments as fixed income securities?

Short maturity period, typically less than a year

Long-term investment horizon spanning decades

Investment in emerging market equities

High risk, high reward investment strategy

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Why might investing in fixed income securities reduce the real value of invested money?

Lack of adjustments for inflation

High management fees associated with mutual funds

Volatility in the cryptocurrency market

Unexpected changes in government regulations