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What is considered the most crucial factor for achieving consistent success in the stock market, according to the provided text?

Risk management


Market timing

Developing a point of view (POV)

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What does POV stand for in the context of stock market analysis?

Price of Volatility

Point of Variance

Point of View

Portfolio Optimization Value

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Which of the following is NOT listed as a method for developing a point of view in the stock market?

Fundamental Analysis (FA)

Technical Analysis (TA)

Quantitative Analysis (QA)

Insider Trading

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If an investor has a bullish POV on a stock from a 1-year perspective, which trading instrument would be most suitable according to the text?

Delivery trade in the spot market

Futures contract

Options contract

Short selling

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What is the primary benefit of using options contracts when trading in the stock market?

Higher leverage

Limited risk

Guaranteed profits

Tax advantages