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What key feature does the author compare to the Level 3 data in terms of providing an edge in trading?

Power steering in a car

Air conditioning in a car

Parking assist feature in a car

Power windows in a car

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What is a major benefit of using the Level 3 data for options traders?

It helps identify overvalued options contracts

It provides insights into the historical performance of options

It offers visibility into the availability of options contracts and helps identify better price points

It predicts the future price movements of options contracts

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How does the Level 3 data aid in scalping the market?

It identifies long-term investment opportunities

It predicts market trends for the next day

It gives visibility into the approximate execution price for trades

It helps identify undervalued stocks for long-term holding

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What role does the Level 3 market window play in position sizing?

It determines the exact number of shares to trade based on capital availability

It helps estimate the number of shares to trade considering the stock's liquidity

It suggests the ideal holding period for a stock

It recommends the best time of day to enter a trade

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How can the Level 3 data be used to validate support and resistance levels?

By comparing historical price data with current market trends

By identifying areas of concentrated bids or offers in the 20-depth order book

By predicting future market movements based on technical analysis indicators

By analyzing the company's financial statements and news releases