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What are Real Estate Funds primarily designed to invest in?

Bonds issued by real estate companies

Securities of companies in the real estate sector

Physical properties directly

Government infrastructure projects

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What is a key characteristic of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the context of real estate funds?

They are exclusively focused on residential properties

They are a potential investment target for real estate funds

They are primarily managed by individual investors

They are prohibited from investing in commercial real estate

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What is a significant advantage of Real Estate Funds compared to direct property ownership?

Guaranteed higher returns

Elimination of all investment risks

Greater control over property management

Enhanced liquidity for investors

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How do Real Estate Funds offer protection against inflation?

By investing in fixed-income securities

By holding a diversified portfolio of international stocks

By capitalizing on rising property values and rental income

By exclusively investing in government-backed securities

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What is a primary risk factor associated with Real Estate Funds?

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates

Changes in government regulations regarding fund management

Volatility in the stock market

Sensitivity to interest rate changes