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What is the main reason why insurance companies might reject a claim?

"Non-payment of premiums"

"Fraudulent activity"

"Non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions"

"Change in health status after policy purchase"

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Why might an insurance agent conceal a customer's pre-existing condition?

"To simplify the application process"

"To protect the customer's privacy"

"To secure a sale and earn a commission"

"To expedite the policy issuance"

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What is a common tactic used by agents to offer customers a lower premium?

"Negotiating with the insurance company"

"Misrepresenting the customer's age"

"Bundling multiple policies"

"Offering a trial period with reduced coverage"

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What is the most important thing for customers to do when applying for an insurance policy?

"Trust the agent's expertise"

"Compare quotes from multiple insurers"

"Thoroughly review the application form"

"Seek advice from financial advisors"

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What should a customer do if they suspect their agent is not acting in their best interest?

"Confront the agent directly"

"Report the agent to the insurance company"

"Consult with a legal professional"

"All of the above"