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What is the potential consequence of not disclosing pre-existing conditions when applying for health insurance?

Lower premiums

Guaranteed claim approval

Claim rejection

Faster claim processing

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What is a common misconception people have about outsmarting insurance companies?

Insurers are easily tricked

Insurers don't verify medical history

Undisclosed conditions will remain undetected

Claims are rarely scrutinized

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What is a 'loading charge' in health insurance?

Penalty for late premium payment

Additional fee for pre-existing conditions

Discount for healthy lifestyle

Bonus for long-term policyholders

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What is the recommended approach when declaring medical history for health insurance?

Disclose only major conditions

Downplay the severity of conditions

Be completely transparent

Omit information deemed insignificant

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According to the regulator, what time frame defines a 'pre-existing disease' in health insurance?

12 months before policy issuance

24 months before policy issuance

36 months before policy issuance

48 months before policy issuance