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What does the Margin Calculator primarily help with?

Calculating profit and loss in futures trading.

Determining the margin requirement for a futures contract.

Predicting future price movements of stocks.

Assessing the volatility of an underlying asset.

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What are the two main components that make up the Initial Margin (IM) for futures trading?

SPAN Margin and Volatility Margin

Exposure Margin and Brokerage Fee

SPAN Margin and Exposure Margin

Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin

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Which of the following exchanges is NOT mentioned as an option within the Zerodha Margin Calculator?

NFO (NSE Futures & Options)

MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange)

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

CDS (NSE Currency Derivatives)

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What is the term used to describe the futures contract that expires in the current month?

Far Month Contract

Mid-Month Contract

Current Month Contract

Expiry Contract

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What is the name given to the trading strategy that involves simultaneously buying and selling futures contracts of the same underlying asset but with different expiry dates?

Futures Arbitrage

Calendar Spreads

Options Straddle

Hedging Strategy