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Ask any finance question, explore company insights, or analyze market trends - all in simple, jargon-free Hinglish. From basic concepts to market performance, our AI makes finance accessible and fun!

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We offer: AI-powered tools that explain finance simply, easy-to-use financial analysis platforms, technology to make finance education accessible, and more.

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Apliro Real-Time Financial News

Stay updated with the latest market trends and business news, explained in easy-to-grasp language.

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Aplirobot Finance Simplifier | apliro

Ask any financial question and get jargon-free answers in Hinglish. Our AI makes complex concepts simple and fun!

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Quiz: Fun & Educational MCQs | apliro

Learn financial terms through engaging quizzes. Infinite scrolling ensures you never run out of new concepts to master!

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AI Finance Quiz Maker | apliro

Create custom MCQs from any finance topic or content. Perfect for students, teachers, and curious minds!

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Apliro Real-Time Financial News

Try our finance live quizzes and find out how smart you are!...

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I'm Rakesh Sahni , building Apliro. We're on a mission to democratize financial literacy through innovative AI tools. From chatbots to custom solutions, we're shaping the future of financial statement analysis and finance education.